ben1The Business Ninja was born out of Ben Edwards’ internal fire to give his wealth of knowledge back to the business community. He makes his money doing what he teaches everyday in his own businesses, and gives back through teaching what he does!

His mission is to give you greater understanding, clarity, structure and a game plan for sustainable business growth, which in turn ignites the possibility within you to make the difference you’re here to make in the world.



Ben’s expertise comes from over 10 years of owning and building businesses both for himself and clients. He is naturally gifted in learning, integrating and teaching what he knows. Its common to see his head buried in books covering everything from business to epigenetics, soaking up all that he can so he can deliver the cutting edge information to his clients. Ben also attends any seminar he can get to, and has spend many tens of thousands of dollars developing himself both personally and professionally

Ben is a kinaesthetic learner with the desire to teach people the ‘art’ of business, the people with a fire in their belly and an open mind. Its for this reason he buys, builds and sells businesses of his own everyday of the year. He also believes that shared knowledge is shared power, and for this reason he walks his followers through social media and blogs the process of each business he buys, builds and sells. He also chooses to employ people that want to learn the ‘art’ of business (this is for the fellow kinaesthetic learners) and are willing to get their hands dirty in order to soak up what he has to teach. He mentors them through his own businesses to allow them to gain the skills and mindset needed to succeed in their own business.

Ben has an underlying belief that just like the human body (a collection of cells all working in harmony) we are all on the planet to work together, to exist, to create, to grow, to share and we have the opportunity and responsibility to leave it better than we found it. His fire comes from the belief that business is the most effective vehicle for change in the world… Business owners have the ultimate power to impact positive change on the planet.

In Bens’ downtime he’s a devoted family man, is crazy about Crossfit and enjoys the lifestyle the Gold Coast has to offer. Anything in and around the water and Ben is there! Travelling to amazing countries is also high on the list, anything with rich culture and heritage. Ben also attempts to get to the snow once a year to polish his snowboarding skills while attempting not to break anything…

Bens’ big dream is to bring his knowledge to kids in under privileged societies around the world. He has a love for kids, their enthusiasm and their spongy minds. He truly believes kids are our eyes into the future, teaching them is our best way to create not only an amazing life for them but for a sustainable holistic planet.