Kids are awesome!! They are our future and wow how exciting to be a kid growing up in today’s world!

Ben has a huge passion for kids and fostering whichever way they want their life to take them! He believes that most importantly they need to be allowed to be kids! They need a fun, supportive environment to allow them to learn and grow naturally.

Coming from a business family, these programs are Bens way of giving back to the greater community of kids, and to give them the type of skills he learnt at a young age. For this reason there are 2 types of ways Ben helps out those aspiring business mini-ninjas.

Mini Ninja Mentorship Program: The Mini-Ninja mentorship program is specifically designed for kids who have shown entrepreneurial spark and already have a business of some capacity. Its an application process thats based on a one-on-one mentor model where Ben assists your child with their existing business. He’s pretty selective about who he helps at this stage as he would rather help a smaller amount of businesses in huge way. As the program grows, he foresees other reputable business owners joining with him to have greater ability to teach. All the work he does for his Mini-Ninjas is no charge.

Future-preneur Program: The Future-preneur program is a workshop based program where Ben and his team help the kids bring an idea to life and teach them the necessary basic skills required of any business owner. This program is currently still being written and is due for release in mid to late 2015. Ben will be hosting information nights for parents and kids who are interested closer to the date to answer all their questions.

If you think your child would be interested in either the Mini-Ninja Mentorship Program or the Future-preneur Program please fill out below and Ben will get back to you shortly.

 All applicants for either program must be 15 years of age or younger.

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