Ben’s select with who he works with and in this way he’s slightly different to normal consultants, before he commits to working with any client he will gain a deep insight to them, their position and their business. This allows him to have a great understanding and to work only with businesses that he knows he can create massive value, change and results. Rest assured if you both decide to work together there will be no need for any other guarantees. When money is exchanged for services it maintains that you both have a responsibility to each other. Through working with clients, Ben has found that when we put money based guarantees in place the owner operates from a ‘we will see if this works’ mindset with their brain only half engaged or focused on success. In order for Ben to get the best results for you, it’s important you operate from a whole brain, give it everything you have got, all in mentality. Bens guarantee to you, if you decide to work together, is he will ALWAYS put ‘whatever it takes’ into you and your business. Ben guarantees you will get clarity, results, a clear path forward and have fun along the way!

If by the end of reading the below you feel excited and motivated to work with someone like you or you feel you want someone on your side to hold you accountable to these things then lets chat.

“The most expensive advice is free”

You must…:

  • Be prepared to grow and change (I mean really being committed to whatever it takes to have the business and live the life of your dreams)
  • Understand its sometimes more about you than your business changing (your business is a direct result of your past thoughts and actions so its just as important to work on you as it is your business)
  • Be comfortable with being uncomfortable (the uncomfortable is where we learn and grow as a person, learning to be comfortable with growing, changing and evolving is directly correlated to your success)
  • Be honest and fully responsible (if we truly want results we need to put our ego aside, take ownership and be honest about our position, what we want, where we want to go and why) Ben can help show you this if this is a struggle currently.
  • You still love or remember a time when you loved your product or service (this is so imperative to creating a big why and REALLY loving what you do!)
  • We must have energy resonance.

Ben commits to every one of these commandments with everyone he works with, if you have read this far, it’s a good chance you are ready to be Ninjered.

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