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The Business Ninja was born out of Ben Edwards’ internal fire to give his wealth of knowledge back to the business community. He makes his money doing what he teaches everyday in his own businesses, and gives back through teaching what he does!

His mission is to give you greater understanding, clarity, structure and a game plan for sustainable business growth, which in turn ignites the possibility within you to make the difference you’re here to make in the world.

About The Business Ninja

Ben’s expertise comes from over 10 years of owning and building businesses both for himself and clients. He is naturally gifted in learning, integrating and teaching what he knows. Its common to see Bens head buried in books covering everything from business to epigenetics, soaking up all that he can so he can deliver the cutting edge information to his clients. Ben is a kinesthetic learner with the desire to teach people the ‘art’ of business, the people with a fire in their belly and an open mind. He believes that shared knowledge is shared power, and for this reason he walks his followers through social media and blogs the process of each business he buys, builds and sells. He also chooses to employ people that want to learn the ‘art’ of business (this is for the fellow kinesthetic learners) and are willing to get their hands dirty in order to soak up what he has to teach. He mentors them through his own businesses to allow them to gain the skills and mindset needed to succeed in their own business. In Bens downtime he’s a devoted family man, is crazy about crossfit and enjoys the lifestyle the Gold Coast has to offer.

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  • Ben has a unique way of simplifying business and taking out the friction. This enabled us as a business to efficiently complete the not so fun but essential areas of business so that we could regain focus with creating and expanding of our brand. He brings with him a contagious and confident energy that we found had a very positive flow on effect through all levels of our team. Ben was very supportive of our vision and where we saw our business in the future. He really treated our business as his own, with great compassion, enthusiasm and respect. His advice and knowledge across all aspects of a business has given us the tools to grow and expand our business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ben to any business.
    Melanie Porteous
    Bubbles Organic
  • “Ben is a great mentor and business advisor to work with. When I met Ben, I was at a point of growth in my business where I couldn't continue to operate and support growth whilst being a one man team. Through spending time analysing my business with Ben’s guidance, I was able to obtain the clarity and objectivity needed to move forward in a more harmonious way. He is extremely supportive, encouraging and insightful. His down to earth presence, “common sense” language and business knowledge will help any business owner feel confident about their future, regardless of the situation. I have no hesitation recommending Ben!”
    Alex Gray
    Violet Gray
  • “With his enthusiastic and positive approach, Ben opened my eyes to playing a bigger game in my business. His detailed analysis of my business helped me see opportunities in my business which allowed me to see the future clearer. He is thorough about all business processes. There isn’t a business that couldn’t be helped by his recommendations. I feel slightly overwhelmed by the opportunities I have now for the future of my business."
    Julie Hart
    The Hart Centre
  • I've worked alongside Ben for many years, and his passion and talent for streamlining businesses is second to none. If you're a creative person with a vision or dream but struggle with the back end processes, Ben is the person you need beside you to work out the 'what' and the 'how'. His commitment, dedication and integrity are a rare commodity in the business world, and I look forward to using his insight in my business for years to come.
    Melinda Edwards
    The Rich Daily

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